Amydrium Zippelianum - Cutting

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This rare plant with originally shaped leaves directly found a place in our hearts. Climbing species from tropical rainforests, Amydrium Zippelianum is a true stunner, whether you decide to let him climb or grow towards the floor.

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  • Brightness Bright indirect light
  • Humidity High need in humidity
  • Growth stage Cutting
  • Difficulty Appreciates a little care

Just as in nature, all plants are different... pictures only illustrate one of our plants. 


Origin: This beauty originates from South-East Asia
Personality: Quite easy as long as you give it some basic care
Earmark: Its big, thin and pointy leaves, almost looking like a soft palm.
Say something smart: Today still quite hard to find, notably because its slow growth at a baby stage, the Amydrium Zippelianum is a true star. Climbing up trees in its natural habitat, it can take gigantic proportions if given the right care... even at home!


Which planter?

Leave it in its original pot and repot it in Spring, when it seems too cramped. Think about a terracotta pot, with draining holes, as it particularly hates stagnating water. Also make sure to use a well drained substrate. 

Find its place

Brightness : Close to a window, but no direct sun as its leaves are quite fragile. Keep it away from heating sources and draughts.
Humidity : 60 % - 70 % or more. You can place it in your bathroom or in the kitchen. Other solution: you can use a little humidifyer.  
Température : Min : 18°C - Max : 29°C - Ideal : 21-22°

Careful: high dosage ingestion of the plant can lead to risks for your pets.
Make sure to keep it away from them and don't serve it for their dinner ;-)

Daily care

Watering (indicative) :  Spring-Summer : Twice a week | Autumn-Winter : Once a week
It needs a very regular watering, and quite higher than the average. Regularly check the substrate to make sure it is constantly moist (but not soaked). We recommend to water it quite often, but small quantities (we told you: green thumbs to the front). 

Fertilizer : once a month, from April to October.