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Calathea Silvia

Do you have a crush for colored plants ? Then Calathea Silvia is meant to join your collection. Its leaves, purple below, show light green and purple colors on top. Growing from fully purple to green while ageing.

  • Brightness Bright indirect light
  • Humidity High need in humidity
  • Growth stage Baby plant
  • Difficulty Appreciates a little care


Origin : South-America, especially Northern Brasil.
Personality : Takes a little care. 
Earmark : Its leaves, of course, purple below and from purple to light green on top.
Say something smart : The Calathea plants are famous for their moves. Indeed, when night falls, their leaves rise, as if the plant was closing up to sleep.


Which container?

A planter usually looks nice, but we recommend not to plant your new baby directly in one.
Leave it in its current pot until Spring, then ideally transfer it into a terracota pot with little drain holes when it looks cramped.

Finding its place

Brightness : Good level of brightness, as close as possible from a window but no direct sun.
Avoid letting it feel draughts near the windows and take it away from heating sources.
Make sure to turn it regularly so all its leaves have access to said brightness.
Humidity : 60 % or more.
Tip : Spray its leaves with water (ideally rain-water) once a week. 
Tip 2 : Place some wet clay pebbles under the pot, so they keep diffusing humidity. 
Temperature : Min : 16°C | Max : 25°C | Ideal : 20°C

Day-to-day care

Watering (purely indicative, depends on your local environment): twice a week in Spring/Summer, and once every 10 days in Autumn and Winter.
Tip : Put your knuckle in the ground. If it feels totally dry, add some water to keep the soil wet (but not soaking it). 
Tip 2: observe her leaves ! As it is very demanding in water, it often tries to notify you when it needs it. When the leaves start wrapping themselves like cigars, it's time to drink. If they start looking transparent, it might be because they had too much.
Fertilizer : Once every other week, from April to October