Philodendron Squamiferum - Baby Plant


Indoor Jungle effect 100% guaranteed with this biiiiig and large houseplant, with fun-looking hairy stems. 

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  • Brightness Bright indirect light
  • Humidity High need in humidity
  • Growth stage Baby plant
  • Difficulty Killing it would be remarkable


Origin : South-American rainforests
Personality : Appreciates a little care
Earmark : Dark leaves with contrasting white variegations
Say something smart : As most plants of its species, this Philodendron is climbing up trees in its natural habitat. This is the actual explanation to their name, "Philo" stemming from the Greek work "to love", and "Dendron" meaning "Trees"... A tree hugger if we may say.


Which container?

A planter usually looks nice, but we recommend not to plant your new baby directly in one.
Leave it in its current pot until Spring, then ideally transfer it into a terracota pot with little drain holes when it looks cramped.

Finding its place

Brightness : Good level of brightness, as close as possible from a window but no direct sun.
Avoid letting it feel draughts near the windows and take it away from heating sources.
Humidity : 60 % or more.
Tip : Spray its leaves with water (ideally rain-water) once a week. 
Tip 2 : Place some wet clay pebbles under the pot, so they keep diffusing humidity. 
Temperature : Min : 15°C | Max : 30°C | Ideal : 20-22°C

Day-to-day care

Watering (purely indicative, depends on your local environment): once a week in Spring/Summer, and once every 10 days in Autumn and Winter.
Tip : Put your knuckle in the ground. If it feels totally dry, add some water to keep the soil wet (but not soaking it). 
Fertilizer : Once every other week, from April to October


Philodendron Squamiferum

Fiche d'entretien du Philodendron Squamiferum

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